It is of value and some relevance to revisit the previously addressed difference between Screenings and Background Investigations in our 2018 August posting, “A NANNY BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION OR SCREENING?”. Emphasis was made qualifying the difference between an Investigation and a Screening noting an Investigation as a formal systematic inspection and methodical inquiry and examination or research to assess suitability for a particular use or purpose, versus a Screening which is a superficial part of that process.

A Screening routinely provides a superficial but detailed compilation of information from public records data bases on and relating to the queried target. The Background Investigation not only provides that, but entails additional information derived from the systematic inspection of that retrieved information as well as interviews of sources of information (SOI) including but not limited to referrals and recommendations and individuals uncovered from the review of that developed information.

Screenings entailing compiled public record checks traditionally include tax appraisal information such as property information as well as neighbor associations, criminal records, sexual offender registries, civil records, credit information (liens or judgments) and motor vehicle information all to varying degrees.


First and foremost, public record data checks have tremendous usefulness and are excellent starting points in many investigations. Contingent on the type of investigation, they may be used to widen and broaden the scope of initial scrutiny. If the investigation requires more discreet discerning scrutiny, usually asking the applicant, candidate or the investigated for several business recommendation type references after obtaining the information through retrieval of public records is one of the easier and simplest way-to-go methods in developing viable and pursuable lead information. Professional background investigators realize not many business references voluntarily provided will be negative. The experienced investigator is keenly adept at interviewing and assessing these references.

Prior discussion with your investigator or investigation services is essential to aptly and economically convey what core skill sets and values are primarily being sought or are of higher value as certain employment positions require a higher level of skills, licenses, certifications, ethics and trustworthiness etc. Further, certain subjective values and principles necessary to certain positions that often must be shared in common with employers such as fairness, respect, responsibility, integrity, compassion, trustworthiness etc. are not found in any data bases and often, can only be evaluated by a skilled interviewer.

There are monthly, if not weekly,  numerous examples nationwide of unscrupulous, immoral and unprincipled circumstances of Nannys, Babysitters and Au Pairs who have committed transgressions against children or the aged. Often many of these caregivers have escaped in some way, scrutiny of their past. At times public record checks have been made, references have failed to have been verified or checked or even updated as it should be highlighted, people change. One of the more egregious examples of a terrible tragedy was a New York City incident within the last several years resulting in the murder of  two upper west side children by a nanny who misled a couple by a ginned-up reference letter written by the baby-sitter’s niece.

To re-emphasize, REGIUS is of the opinion that THERE SHOULD ALWAYS BE some type of initial Background Investigation conducted, even if it’s a minimal one. References must always be checked with some type of interview. You cannot be careless with trust especially when it involves your children or an elder relative. You don’t want that untrustworthy, inexperienced or unprofessional Caregiver that might get distracted or unfocused when they’re not supposed to be.

Professional investigative services are often more affordable than grasped and the value certainly unrealized.

Can you take THAT CHANCE???