All investigations have a targeted objective with two basic sources of information: persons and things. An effective investigation requires innovative thinking, due diligence and the amassing of factual truthful information founded on accuracy and integrity. On occasions there may be a preliminary investigation followed by a continuing multi-phased process. REGIUS is one of those special businesses that provide additional follow-up action on investigatory conclusions to all clients in order to improve customer experience.

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REGIUS wants you to understand that there is a difference between an “Investigation” and a “Screening”. An Investigation is a formal systematic inspection and methodical inquiry and examination or research to assess suitability for a particular use or purpose, versus a Screening which is a superficial part of that process.

At times, you may need to know only the basics of an employee Background Investigation for a particular employee position. At other times for more prominent or sensitive positions, a more extensive and thorough Background investigation may be prudent. REGIUS has vast experience not only to deliver, but to assist you in determining what level of Background investigation or Screening may be prudent for your needs.


REGIUS personnel have extensive experience in conducting Federal and State background investigations and are very familiar in the New York State arena. Although we utilize some databases, for the majority of our verifications with most employers, we don’t utilize automated services. At times, a personal review of a previous employment application is appropriate and may reveal information not sometimes divulged or often forgotten by a candidate that can be acted upon by further investigation if necessary. 

Regius Inc.

We provide a factual breakdown and summary of the individual’s employment background for critical periods followed with a perspective based on our experience of conducting similar potential candidate investigations. This perspective enables you to assess qualifications and potential red flags ultimately allowing for more prudent hiring decisions. Our Pre-Employment Background Investigations require a signed release by the Applicant/Candidate who is the subject of the investigation.


In both types of investigations, REGIUS realizes that the most important aspect and treasured feature and future path of your life revolve around the safety and security of your child or children. In entrusting their care to someone, trust SLOWLY BEGINS with knowing that a childcare professional or sitter has a solid background and foundation capable of safeguarding your most precious jewel(s). 

Regius Inc.

This vital and strategic hiring not only raises issues of the potential interactions the individual may have with your own TREASURES, but also raises those same and other issues when and if they interact with other children not to mention the issues of liability they may place on you resulting from the consequences of those interactions. REGIUS can help mitigate some of your concerns and alleviate what might be an uncomfortable hiring process of a Nanny or Sitter with our investigations or screenings. Don’t take THAT CHANCE, do your due diligence by letting us do ours and provide you greater peace of mind in making a more informed decision.


Nanny investigations are a discreet, detailed and extremely thorough background investigation taking into account the sensitivity of its nature. The safety and security of the client’s child is of utmost importance. The prospective childcare professional or professionals to be considered will have their resume, and more, completely scrutinized with discerning detail including but not limited to previous employment, references, referrals; professional licenses confirmed and validated. Criminal and Sexual Offender checks as well as credit histories and a motor vehicle check will also be undertaken. Nanny Investigations require a signed release by the Nanny Candidate who is subject of the investigation.

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Historically, the hiring of a “Sitter” was a traditional and simple mechanism favoring and enabling the trusted neighborhood older youth, friend, or friend of a friend. In today’s environment we as educated parents, with our children as our top priority, realize there is nothing simple when considering leaving your child with the usual routine, temporary “Sitter”. Although the scope of “Sitter” Investigations may be more apropos to a screening, and dependent on their age, REGIUS will attempt to confirm and validate any type of professional or medical safety training they may have received, check references from past employers, teachers and camp counselors and referrals, check Criminal History and Sexual Offender status. Additionally, a superficial review of their social media accounts may be made for questionable or objectionable material. Sitter Investigations require a signed release by the Sitter Candidate who is the subject of the Investigation or Screening.

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Discreet, reasonable, exacting investigations for those decision makers that seek to mitigate risk, maximize potential and leave nothing to chance that have learned through experience to put good business practices in place that are a habit. REGIUS has learned to address your concerns and ask THE hard questions discreetly. Increase your insight while minimizing potential surprises.


REGIUS has experienced former law enforcement professionals with a wide range of Federal and New York State investigative backgrounds to assist in the review and investigation of criminal matters. Services can include, but are not limited with law enforcement collaboration, obtaining police records, statement taking from witnesses and motor vehicle accident review that has resulted in criminal prosecution.

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