There was an excellent article from written by J.P. Donlon conveying and emphasizing the importance of due diligence in making the right hiring decision and the necessity of a basic background investigation for any employee who will be handling cash. The article is a short and must read for small business startups and entrepreneurs. Its importance is not necessarily just for those employers whose employees will be handlIng cash, but for any employer whose employees will be placed in a position of responsibility for individual care, safety or well-being; the holding of public trust, or any position where significant liability to the employer attaches.

Small businesses have learned and are learning what established organizations and most civil servant (city state, and Federal) agencies have learned through trial and error and have already put in place to safeguard their business organizations; internal and already long operationalized redundant types of audit systems with employee conduct oversight are well practiced and continually developed. These internal audit managements are devised primarily to ensure accountability, transparency and levels of brand quality as well as organizational distinction at all levels. Mid-level size businesses have also begun a new era of periodic post-employment employee checks to ensure their employees maintain a level consistent with the company profile and expectations. See Michael Sasso and Jeff Green’s recent article:

As an employer, if in doubt of having or considering the need for a pre or post- employment background investigation, many security companies provide free initial consults. These consults often reveal that investigations or screenings are not as time consuming, awkward or costly as some employers imagine and often very beneficial. The extent of a background is always contingent on the employer and the potential liability from actions of the prospective employee must always be weighed.